Saitek Aviator Joystick

Get on your enemy’s ‘six’, chalk up another kill and rule the skies with the Saitek Aviator Joystick – the best way to play flight games on your PC. The Aviator joystick gives you total accuracy and complete control, improving the way you play air combat games, heightening realism and enhancing gameplay.

Product Features:

  • 3 buttons, heavy duty trigger and POV analog stick
  • 2 buttons, Start and Select and D-pad
  • Dual mode switch - changes control layout to support different games
  • Large, flat base gives total stability
  • Compatible: Windows 7/8, XP/XP64, Vista, and Playstation 3


Connectivity: USB 2.0
Windows 7/8, Windows XP, XP64, Playstation 3
and Windows Vista (all versions)

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Saitek's Aviator Flight Joystick

  • Product Code: PS33
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $79.95

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